Bee And Board celebrates


Bee & Board LLC

Invites you 

to provide your local habitat with:

Heirloom Hardwood  


 [$275.00 + S&H]

7 Story Solitary Bee Home

Hang Mount or Ground Base


 [$310.00 + S&H]

8 Story Solitary Bee Home

4" Standing Base


 [$290.00 + S&H]

6 Story Solitary Bee Home

4" Standing Base


 [$350.00 + S&H]

8 Story Solitary Bee Home

3" Standing Base

Thank you for your interest in providing sanctuary for bees this 

World Bee Day 2023

How To Order:

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We will confirm receipt, and review the submission. For Custom Consultations, Please allow 7 business days for our receiving team  to process your form. 

For Direct Orders Please allow 3-5 business days for our receiving team to process your form.

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Thank you for choosing our small local business! 

CNC Wood Cut

Custom Build & Wood Selections

Custom Specifications

Select from our inventory, or customize your own design

Easy To Assemble

Digital design, Laser Cut precision, Easy At Home Assembly

Heirloom Eco Impact

Heirloom premium wood sourced from local community trade.

 Hand selected by the Maker

(builders grade materials available upon request)

Bee & Board LLC

invites you to observe a mindful approach as we celebrate our greatest messengers!

To find out more about providing them a supportive environment, learn more from United Nations experts here!

The Maker: 

Kent Endersby

Kent was born & raised in Oklahoma. Our Maker, as well as branding and facility owner/operator- strives to find ways to highlight the impact of natural materials and streamlined technologies to bring them to life. He has several interests and skills that lead to a wide variety of custom and novelty projects. When he's not focused on laser wood cuts and precision design, he and his team provide hand-made natural bath/body products for a variety of species. All of this, while being the proud  host and sponsor of a team of hives and sanctuaries throughout his messenger gardens in his Oklahoma home base.